When Can I Claim Amazon FBA Seller Reimbursements?

Amazon FBA Seller Reimbursements

If you are an Amazon FBA seller, you might be losing money right now. Read this blog to know more about potential reasons to claim Amazon reimbursement.

What is an Amazon FBA seller reimbursement?

As an FBA seller, you entrust your shipping, packing, and storage duties to Amazon and pay FBA fees. There are millions of other FBA sellers like you, which means that the FBA warehouses operate on a massive scale. Every day there are thousands of employees and millions of products in the movement to function the FBA operations.

Now, during such rapid and colossal-scale work, logistic errors and accidents are inevitable. There are chances of your inventory units getting misplaced, damaged, or lost in the FBA warehouse. Even inbound shipments can be lost or misplaced. Now, ideally, as it should be, Amazon is ready to compensate for the errors. However, Amazon expects FBA sellers to audit and reconcile their logs and reports to find discrepancies worth a refund. These refunds that an FBA seller receives from Amazon are known as Amazon FBA seller reimbursements.

Types of FBA errors

There are mainly two types of discrepancies; one is logistical and the other transactional. The logistical reasons deal with the errors at the warehouse or inbound shipments, whereas transactional discrepancies deal with overcharged FBA fees.

Let’s look deeper into the potential reasons to claim Amazon reimbursements

  • An issue with inbound shipment to FBA warehouse: There are chances of accidents while your shipment reaches the FBA fulfillment centers. Misplacement and damage of inventory units due to untoward instances or courier negligence is highly probable. Amazon FBA personnel are responsible for the inventory units from the very moment the shipment starts, and so they owe you Amazon reimbursements.
  • Damage in the Amazon FBA warehouse: There is rush at the FBA warehouse, and accidental collisions are inevitable. During such instances, items get lost or moved with other units. The solution to lost and damaged items is not simply restocking but to claim your rightful Amazon FBA seller reimbursement.
  • Items destroyed without permission: Often, some inventory units might reach the warehouse in a condition unfit for sale. Amazon can destroy these units but only with the permission of the seller. In case Amazon does so without your permission, you are eligible for an Amazon reimbursement.
  • Customer return issues: Within this category, there can be four major possibilities:
    i) The customer received a refund but fails to return the item
    ii) The customer receives a replacement but fails to return the original item
    iii) The customer successfully returns the item, but there’s no record in the inventory report
    In all of the above cases, you can file a valid claim with substantial evidence for guaranteed reimbursements.
  • Incorrectly charged FBA fees: While measuring the inventory dimensions to calculate storage fees, there can be misinformation and entry errors. Wrong dimensions can lead to an overcharge in FBA fees. You can claim the extra amount with the best FBA reimbursement services.

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