Overcharged or Incorrect FBA fees

It can be overwhelming to deal with Amazon while you have been overcharged or in case of wrong FBA fees. This is not the case every time, but mostly, the support staff rejects your claim or just neglects you.
Seller Fee

The trusted seller on Amazon was mistakenly charged for the weight or size of the product listing.

Unfair Reimbursement

The returned amount that the Amazon seller has got wasn’t correlative to the price of the misplaced or damaged item.

Chargeback not refunded

A buyer got a chargeback, but on the other hand, the seller did not get any repayment amount.

Reimbursement Error

In this case, the repayment amount was granted by Amazon. However, the Amazon seller never got the money.

Adjusting Balance Sheet

The outcomes of the fund’s recovery services and auditing data are then applied to the balance sheet, as well as the profit and loss report adjustments for utmost precision.

In case of unfair repayment, repayment mistake, or any other errors, you can connect with our FBA seller reimbursement experts. Contact us without wasting any more seconds to get your valuable money back.

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FBA refunds realize that overcharge or incorrect FBA fees can put a dent in the budget for seller of any scale. We carry out the right activities to ensure that we cover all the basis. Zero negligence can be expected.

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