FBA Refunds is ecommerce consultancy with over 60 in-house Amazon specialists. Since 2014 FBA Refunds has been helping Amazon merchants to get refunds reconciliation with Amazon.

Over the last two years we noticed that a lot of our mid to large sized customers (Amazon sellers) were being short charged due to small errors at Amazon. However the good news is that Amazon is promptly refunding these monies provided one can categorically prove the inadvertent error, provide any additional evidences which they may ask for and follow up the case regularly.

So under the aegis of FBA Refunds, we formed a team of our experienced consultants who specialized in inventory reconciliation and getting FBA reimbursements from Amazon.

Two things that we were clear about right from the outset were:

1. All processes planned and executed manually. No software generated automated mass case lodgment with Amazon support. Automated case logging is a sure way to get your support ticket raising rights withdrawn by Amazon.

2. Only 12% commission on the actual refunds received. No upfront costs and no hefty commissions. Most consultants charge 25% commission. The fact is that even at 12% we make a fair wage for our skills & work.

With FBA Refunds you have nothing to lose and potentially get thousands of your lost revenue reimbursed to you.