1. What types of cases do we cover for FBA sellers?

We search for the following types of discrepancies, errors, and issues :

  1. Reconciliation of all transactions per item, including amount received, orders, returns, reimbursements, and removals against actual stock.
  2. Items destroyed by Amazon without your request or permission.
  3. Orders that were returned after 30 days for which Amazon didn’t give you the 20% restocking fee (due based on their policy).
  4. Customers received a larger refund than what they paid originally and the seller is being charged for it.
  5. Customer received refund but seller has not been credited back the amount and the refund is past 45 days.
  6. Inbound items damaged by shipper or not received and older than 30 days.
  7. Orders for which the weight fee or dimensional fee has been overcharged.
  8. Orders for which the commission fee has been overcharged.
  9. Items lost or damaged in Amazon’s warehouse that have not been reimbursed.
  10. Replacement sent to customer and original never sent back after 45 days.
  11. Amazon claims to have reimbursed a return but it has not been reimbursed.
  12. Amazon claims to have placed an item back into your inventory but it has not been replaced.
  13. Stock deducted after shipment was closed.
  14. Wrong item returned and scanned to your inventory.
  15. Chargeback not refunded.
  16. Returns damaged by carrier or Amazon.
  17. Inventory not received from removal order.
  18. Amazon reimbursed but not for the full quantity that should have been reimbursed.
  19. Amazon did not reimburse the total amount it should of reimbursed based on the original order.

2. Can you submit all my cases together?

If you submit too many cases at once, Amazon Seller Support tends to combine your cases together & assign them to a second-tier agent, which usually takes longer to resolve. We do not recommend opening too many cases together. Hence our executives are constantly monitoring and judging to identify the best flow of interaction with Amazon.

3. Why FBA Refunds?

We have handled more than 500 Amazon seller reimbursements. Almost all of them choose to continue working with us or come back to us whenever required.
FBA Refunds is a subsidiary of eStore Factory, an Amazon SPN registered company.

4. Why hire an agency or Refund Manager when there are automated Amazon FBA reimbursement tools available for refund claim?

Amazon does NOT like automated claims. That is why we handle the whole process personally and manually while following the right protocol.

5. What if I feel Amazon hasn't reimbursed us enough on a specific claim?

If the reimbursed amount is too less then we will continue to follow up with Amazon until we get a fair reimbursement for your account.

6. How many months of data do you check for reimbursement?

Based on the latest Amazon policies, we can check 18 months lost & damaged FBA inventory reimbursement and 9 months of lost inventory in shipments.


If you have any question regarding our service or Amazon Reconciliation, feel free to ask us.

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