FBA Reimbursement for Inventory Lost By Amazon.

Our comprehensive “6-Point” audit process checks every single possibility where you may be shortchanged. The 6-Point audit process, which breaks down into 19 checkpoints, is a combination of our proprietary software and manual SOPs, which leaves no stones unturned in adding up your reimbursements.

6-Point comprehensive audit + Manual case logging & regular tracking = Maximum refunds for you.

Reimbursement for Inventory

FBA Refunds

Does Amazon Owe You Any Money?

FBA Refunds can help you get your money back from Amazon, when they mistakenly do not credit your account with lost inventory, customer not returned refunded purchases, shipper losing the product and many such instances. Given the size of their operations and the complexity of logistics they deal with everyday, this amount can run into thousands for you, if left undealt with.

Why Does Amazon Owe Money To Most FBA Sellers?

With millions of products, mind boggling numbers of transactions, FBA returns, breakages and several other challenges, Amazon is in fact doing very well in keeping the mistakes to the minimal. But even with these relatively small number of errors, the dollar value of the amount in question can grow to be huge over a period of months for a decent size seller.

Considering the complexity of the entire FBA process, there are many situations where the discrepancies can creep in and cause for the seller to be short changed. For example Amazon reimbursements to the seller would be due in case of:

amazon reimbursement
Lost & Misplaced Inventory

Units lost in the Amazon warehouse.

refunds manager
Damaged Inventory

Units damaged within an Amazon FC after the due inward process is completed.

amazon refund service
Returns & Refunds

Amazon refunds the money but inventory has not reached back to the warehouse.

amazon refund service
Overcharged or Incorrect FBA fees

Charged wrongly for the products in Warehouse because of incorrect dimensions.

amazon reimbursement
Inbound Shipments Missing Inventories

Inventories missing from shipment upon arrival at Amazon FC or lost in-transit by Amazon’s logistics service.

How Does FBA Refunds Go About Getting Your Money Back?

Once we get your Amazon login credentials to access the FBA sales transactions, our Refunds Manager will import the entire sales log. This data is put through our proprietary Amazon Reimbursement process, which includes automated sifting and manual cross-checking. After creating a watertight case, complete with justification and data to support a claim for Amazon Seller Refund, we raise a case with Amazon support. We cautiously time the cases to ensure that we are not seen as clogging or manipulating the system by Amazon. Each case is religiously followed to keep up the pace and get a full refund.

Why FBA Refunds?

✔ Comprehensive audit, 19 individual check points in 6 Amazon processes
✔ Automated reconciliation, which is double checked manually
✔ Manual case filing & follow up till you get the refunds
✔ Single point of contact, call or chat with us anytime
✔ 100% transparent & verifiable process
✔ At 12%, lowest commission rate
amazon refund service

Commission After Refunds

Pay us only after Amazon credits the reimbursements into your bank. At 12%, FBA Refunds is one of the lowest priced Amazon reimbursement service in the market. We often get asked, “How do you do it at half the market rate?”, we say “How do others get away with it?”

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I have recommend FBA Refunds to three of my fellow sellers and they all have the same response that I have. You guys are amazing! What I paid money for the commission was reasonable too. Hiring them for reimbursements will take away all the stress from your head and you can save your time for the important stuff.
FBA Refunds is truly a set-it-and-forget it service. They do all the grunt work and get the refunds on your behalf without any action needed from you. In my case the money I received back was $7277. It feels so good not to worry about the tedious tasks of scouring through the reports, creating tickets and following up. Highly recommended!!
FBA Refunds made it easy! I recovered $4445 for things I didn’t even realize I was due money back. If you are an FBA seller give these guys a shot and I am sure you won’t regret.
FBA Refunds is the best. We had previously used 3 other services and tools that missed over $16000 they were “supposed” to cover. FBA Refunds recovered it and still continues to do so in a timely manner. I am a happy and satisfied customer
Lisa Kim
Honestly, I was skeptical for working with a reimbursement firm but they surprised me with their speedy service and comprehensive process for finding and delivering money that would otherwise be held by Amazon. They just helped me recover $5657 and I couldn’t be happier!
$100K in less than a year! Unbelievable. You don’t even know how much money Amazon owes you until you meet the experts at FBA Refunds. They helped me get back $100K...this was the money I wouldn’t have been ever able to find if I hadent hired these guys.
Sumit Basin
Totally worth it! I am a medium sized seller and was not sure if the service would be worth the money but I was wrong. FBA Refunds recovered $4011 and the service paid for itself. The commission charged was reasonable and anyways you only pay them if you get paid so you’ve got nothing to lose.
Got my $5602 back and I didn’t even have to lift a finger. Amazon makes it incredibly difficult for the sellers to refund for lost and damaged inventory but with FBA Refunds everything seems so easy. I now have complete peace of mind knowing that Jimi and his team is handling all the future reimbursements.
I now have one less thing to do now. I could have attempted to search and process the reimbursements on my own but I definitely couldn’t have recovered all of it. Plus it would take me days, even weeks. FBA Refunds recovered ALL (over $24000) of my money allowing me to continue with the front end of the business. You guys are really godsend.
Choosing FBA Refunds is a no-brainer. These guys work behind the scenes and made sure I get my $6155 back from Amazon. I didn’t have to do anything besides checking how much money I got this month. They are a truly on the top of everything and are really thorough in their work. Great work guys, would highly recommend their services to anyone using FBA.


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