Inbound Shipments Missing Inventories

It is stated that the returned product must be returned to your listing, but unfortunately it does not. Such mistakes are experienced while trying to get the expected items.
Independent Inventory Analysis

Independent inventory analysis is rooted in verified customer orders, assessments, forecasts, and previous data.

Missing Inventory

If Amazon misplaces your inventory, our Amazon FBA reimbursement service may assist in getting the items back, or will simply repay the amount that you paid for it.

Removal Order

While any seller wishes to remove their listing from the fulfillment center, they issue a removal order. They can take out their listing from the fulfillment center either by creating a removal order, or taking out listing in bulk by uploading an inventory file.

Get your reimbursed amount with the assistance of our Amazon refund service team in only a few days. Take all your queries directly to them, and get out of the trouble of removal order, missing inventory, etc.

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