Damaged Inventory

This is a section of the warehouse audit. However, the cause to talk about this individual is to ensure that it gets enough consideration. A majority of the sellers are truly not familiar with damaged inventory. If we split the overall Amazon seller reimbursement by each category, the damaged inventory will be third.
At FBA Refunds, we have reconciled over 4 million transactions of damaged inventory to date. We have figured out that just 40 percent of them are mechanically reimbursed through Amazon. The remaining 60 percent are not claimed. So, now we can think of how much a regular Amazon seller is suffering a loss.

When packaging the items for the order or incorporating them back to the inventory from a return order, the staff of the warehouses or stockrooms regulated by Amazon damage the items unintentionally and Amazon do not always repay the seller in such a situation. That’s the reason FBA reimbursements have intended many ways to counter. All these ways and solutions can assist Amazon sellers in attaining this unclaimed amount back quickly. The 6P comprehensive audit can also assist in getting the maximum repayment amount.

Received any damaged or wrong inventory from the Amazon warehouses? Then get in touch with our FBA inventory reimbursement expert team to get the entire amount for every damaged item.

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The audit carried out by us will ensure that we have all basis covered. FBA refunds expert will carry out the right paperwork to ensure maximum repayment amount that any seller is legally entitled to.

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