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This is a vital element while you discuss reconciliation. It is basically the essence of errors made by Amazon. Warehouse Audits is where we get a majority of questions and errors. The 6P-Audit system keeps a check on all the transactions of the inventory for ensuring that you haven’t been conned anywhere.

We wait for up to 30 days or more for ensuring that Amazon can settle your listing first, and just issue a claim manually if Amazon has been unsuccessful to repay you. Here are some situations wherein the most incredible platform Amazon makes errors.

Receiving Discrepancy

Here Amazon can make the blunder of listing inappropriately received or miscounted from the last nine months’ inbound deliveries. If you transport your delivery in numerous boxes, they might be sent to our fulfilment centers at different times.


The warehouses regulated by Amazon looks after thousands of boxes and innumerable listing daily. Also, a majority of the tasks are performed manually, and while performing these tasks, at times, they misplace the listing. Therefore, they are liable to reimburse you. The sellers can’t sell items without a product listing, and also they can’t keep storing while they have items that have been lost recently.


In case your product listing is in the unfulfilled title for a long time, they’ll certainly be going to damage it, and at times, they even damage the order returns listing without your consent. But the FBA reimbursement, at times, never makes it. You also have to see that the FBA reimbursements are processed.

Get in touch with our Amazon FBA inventory reimbursement if you have faced issues like receiving wrong inventory or no inventory. They can assist you in the best professional way to get the reimbursement amount or returned items.

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Exerts at FBA refunds will ensure that any seller from all marketplaces get the right reimbursement services. Warehouse audit will ensure the right amount and avoid any discrepancy in future as well.

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