Returns & Refunds

At FBA Refunds, we will ensure that Amazon appropriately repays you for wrongly managed refunds and returns. Following are the types of incidents accrued
Returns reimbursement

Amazon FBA reimbursements weren’t actually reimbursed. This is the process of paying back the goods to the customers who have bought and are dissatisfied with them.

Returned Not Refunded after 45 Days

This is where customers attained a refund, but they did not return it. In the majority of instances, a customer can return in 30 days after getting the item.

Return Overcharge

This is the case where the customer is refunded more than the original price of the item. They think that they are receiving some extra money from Amazon.

The Wrong Item Returned

In case the customer returned the wrong item, and it was accepted by the greatest platform that is Amazon.

Damaged Returns

This is another issue with item returns. However, for this issue, there is nothing to do with the carelessness or dishonesty on the part of the purchaser.

Return after 60 days

A buyer was offered something special after the typical policy window. This enables them to return any item they’ve purchased 60 days ago.

If you are a genuine Amazon seller and want to get the refunds for your inventory from FBA refunds, connect with our experts or refunds manager. Make the most of our Amazon FBA inventory reimbursement service and get what you actually deserve.

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