How do Amazon Consultants Make Amazon FBA Reimbursements Easy?

Amazon Reimbursement Service

Let us first understand what is Amazon FBA Seller Reimbursements. When you become a seller on Amazon, it offers you three fulfillment options; Fulfilment by Amazon(FBA), Fulfilment by Merchant(FBM), and Seller Fulfilled Prime. It is always wise for new sellers with less inventory space and shipment equips to opt for Amazon FBA. It provides them ample assistance with inventory space, shipping, and packing. With over millions of FBA sellers, Amazon warehouses have a massive number of inventory units to handle. Amidst the colossal operations of FBA, there is a high chance that your products may be displaced or damaged during handling at the warehouse or during shipment. The logistic error rate of Amazon FBA is around 1 to 3%. This means that for every 100 units you send to the warehouse, you may lose 1 to 3 units to logistical or other mistakes.

Amazon compensates for the damages and loss by either replacing the items or paying for them. But often Amazon fails to update the inventory records about the lost units or overlooks the damage, which then ends up as a reconciliation gap on your Amazon inventory reports and sales log. You can claim your money back from Amazon as Amazon FBA Reimbursements.

Amazon Reimbursements

These are the 7 instances under the Amazon FBA seller reimbursement policy where you can rightfully file a claim:

  • If your inventory gets lost or damaged at the FBA warehouse
  • If FBA charges you the wrong amount of fee
  • If your inbound shipments go missing or damaged
  • If your inventory units s go missing from the warehouse
  • Customer return issues
  • Error in order quantities
  • If Amazon destroys inventory without permission

How do Amazon Consultants help you with the Amazon FBA Reimbursement process?

Once you seek expert help at reclaiming your money through Amazon FBA seller reimbursements, these are the steps that follow:

  • An FBA Amazon consultant will begin by seeking access to your inventory reports and sales log.
  • Once they have access to your logs, they begin reconciling your reports
  • Your Amazon consultant then scans through your inventory reports and sales log to mark all discrepancies
  • They reconcile your reports through comprehensive auditing and manual cross-referencing
  • Next, they gather all substantial data to prepare a fool-proof and valid claim to seek your Amazon FBA reimbursement
  • Keeping in mind all Amazon guidelines and the FBA reimbursement policy the Amazon consultant then files the claim for Amazon FBA Seller Reimbursement
  • Once Amazon accepts the claim, they manually track the refund process for maximum Amazon Reimbursements

What are the benefits of hiring a dedicated FBA Amazon consultant?

  • An easy and hassle-free way to claim FBA reimbursements
  • You can seek maximum refund amounts within a minimum time frame
  • You can file claims that offer sure-shot Amazon acceptance and maximum reimbursement
  • File claims with both manual and automated benefits
  • Save time from meticulously scanning through reports
  • Get FBA solutions for optimal FBA account management

FBA Refunds: For guaranteed, maximum Amazon FBA Seller Refunds

Get 100% secure and guaranteed Amazon FBA reimbursements and add value to your Amazon business. With client-oriented and cost-effective FBA solutions, our FBA Amazon consultants offer easy and sure-shot refunds with valid claims and manual tracking of the entire refund process. With our 6-point comprehensive auditing, we offer excellent report reconciliation and seal all money leakages. We uphold client satisfaction with 100% Amazon compliance and a transparent refund process. With a commission rate as low as 12%, earn maximum profits from Amazon FBA reimbursements. Get reimbursed, reconcile, and rejoice with FBA Refunds.

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