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If you are an FBA seller on Amazon, you might have heard of FBA Inventory Reimbursement.  Amazon manages your inventory, storage, packing, and shipping. Along with your products numerous other products are being managed at the Amazon warehouse. Fulfillment By Amazon is a largescale operation, so the chances of logistical mistakes are high. Due to frequent logistic errors, Amazon may miss out on a reimbursement amount that they are liable to pay you. Yes, Amazon may owe you money! As an FBA seller, you can claim your money through Amazon reimbursement service. If not managed regularly, this amount could increase and go unnoticed.

Here are some instances when you can seek FBA inventory reimbursement service: Amazon FBA Inventory Reimbursement

  • Lost or misplaced units in the Amazon warehouse
  • Inventory is damaged
  • When a purchase is refunded, but the customer does not return the item or when it does not reach back to the warehouse
  • Misplaced or lost shipments
  • When inbound items are damaged by the shipper
  • When a wrong item is returned to the inventory

How to go about the Amazon reimbursement process?

Amazon provides you with an inventory record of past 18 months. With the help of it, you can analyse inventory management errors and prepare a claim to seek reimbursement. While you may go ahead with your claim yourself, it is advisable to hire an agency to get your claim through to Amazon. Individual case management and manual tracking will optimize and pace the process. A dedicated refund manager can help you get your money back by adhering to the FBA refund protocol. The refund manager analyses the imported sales log to collect data that can substantiate your refund claim. A strong and valid claim ensures a guaranteed refund. Due to the largescale operation, Amazon reimbursements do not always process correctly. It becomes necessary to keep regular track of inventory records to ensure inventory reconciliation. Your refund manager can do that to get you a clean inventory record.

FBA Refunds

Through FBA Refunds, with a 6 point audit process, we make sure that you don’t lose a single penny to logistical faults. With manual management and regular tracking, we help you get the maximum refund. Our comprehensive Amazon reimbursement service works with complete transparency and keeps you updated about the process. Get your FBA inventory reimbursement at a commission rate as low as 12%.


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