FBA Sellers, Here’s An Extra Income Source In Times Of Coronavirus

Amazon Reimbursement Service

What if I told you that you could earn in thousands in these tough times without even selling a single product? We did this for one of our clients and he got $8.4K in return. Read on to know more! 

The novel coronavirus is more than a health crisis – ALL the people worldwide have been impacted physically, emotionally and, most importantly, financially. Work from home is the new norm and online shopping is the new normal. And when it comes to online shopping, everyone thinks of Amazon. Maybe Amazon sellers are in a better position than most others. Unfortunately, Amazon sellers are just as affected as any other business.

Surviving is The Priority; Thriving Isn’t Even On The List These Days

Unemployment and financial instabilities are increasing day by day and resultantly, buyer’s spending power has taken a considerable dip. People these days open the Amazon site just to buy essential items because now everyone is looking for ways to save their hard-earned money for the never-ending uncertain times. It all depends on the type of product you sell. If you are a fortunate seller selling toilet paper, sanitizer, or groceries, you may have an uptick in sales by now. But if you are selling luxury items or non-essential items like clothing or jewelry, then you definitely are having a hard time earning money through Amazon.

On the other hand, even if a customer wants to buy your product, sellers are not in a position to ship the product. Nationwide Lockdowns has forced Amazon to prioritize shipments and fulfillment of only essential items. Although recently, Amazon has broadened its eligibility criteria and started to accept more products for shipment creation, the consumer buying behavior is still the same. As a result, Amazon sellers have lost their sales and their income. Moreover, they are concerned about their inventories sitting in the warehouses and costing them money. Yes, Amazon has waived off two months of storage fees and long term storage fees in some of the selected marketplaces, but what after that? There will be expenses to pay off with no solid income; it is going to be difficult for most Amazon sellers to survive; forget to thrive.

Just Keep Calm & Look At The Brighter Side 

Indeed this crisis has taken a toll on everyone’s happy lifestyle. The times are difficult, but as Rahm Emanuel rightly said, “You should never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Every sky has a silver lining; in the same way, every situation has two sides – one bad and other good. It’s up to you which side you choose to see. Either you can sit at home (like every person on the planet), constantly whining about how depressing your life has become, or you can find new opportunities to face the storm and evolve stronger than ever. Smart Amazon sellers will choose the second option.

Just for a moment, forget everything you are not able to do and think of what you can do. Now is the moment to use your downtime effectively. We understand that at present, you are not willing to spend bucks to revamp your product detail page or for brand building but what if I told you that you could earn in thousands without even selling a single product on Amazon? Yes, we have found a way out with which Amazon sellers can earn some extra money to make these tough times a little smoother.

Earn In Thousands Without Even Selling A Single Product On Amazon

If you are an FBA seller, Amazon owes you money and probably a huge amount of money. Confused? Let me clear the fog for you. FBA is a hands-off approach to inventory management as Amazon handles everything from fulfillment to returns. All you need to do is send goods to the Amazon warehouse. Because of this great convenience and ease, about 90% of the Amazon sellers choose FBA as their fulfillment channel.

There is no doubt about the fact that FBA is a MASSIVE operation, but as mighty, mistakes happen and they happen quite often. Just like any other warehouse in the world, in Amazon FBA centers, inventory goes missing or gets damaged because of mishandling. These mistakes can cost money; the point here is that you should not be the one facing this loss. Ethically, Amazon should compensate you for their expensive mistakes, but the retail giant chooses not to speak a word about it and let the mistakes silently slip through the cracks. So, even if Amazon isn’t stopping you from claiming back your money, it may look like that. Now, it is up to you to look out for your own account (and your money).

Hey, Every Dollar Counts!

While it might look like it’s too much hassle for just one piece of lost or damaged inventory, in reality, it is not. These little blunders, when happened over a long period of time, can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of your hard-earned money. In the times of the coronavirus, when our incomes are almost stagnant, FBA Returns can be a great earning opportunity. Before diving deep into how to get money back from Amazon, let us first understand in which circumstances you can claim reimbursements from Amazon:

  • Inventory lost or damaged in Amazon warehouse or by an inbound shipper
  • Inventory demolished by Amazon without the owner’s permission
  • Customer received multiple units of a product but paid for only one
  • Customer received a refund but did not return the item
  • Customer received a replacement but did not return the original product
  • Customer restocking fees were not refunded or charged
  • Stock was deducted even after the shipment was closed
  • Inbound inventory was not added into your account
  • Weight or dimension of the product was miscalculated and so were the fees associated with it
  • Commission fees were mischarged
  • Removal order was not received

Yes, there are this many instances where you can get you to get back your money from Amazon. If you have not followed the reimbursement procedure in your account ever or for a long time, then the amount can also be in thousands $$$$.

How Do I Claim My Money From Amazon?

Now here’s the catch, claiming your money back from Amazon isn’t as simple as it sounds. The process of finding the reimbursement opportunities is pretty overwhelming and communicating with Amazon to approve the claim and debit the amount in your account is totally a different story (and a painful one!). However, there are three options available to every seller: First DIY – learn, do and manage everything yourself. Second, use software. And third, hire a service who can do all the grunt work for you so you can think where you will be reinvesting the reimbursed amount. If you had read our previous blog on which option is the best for claiming reimbursements, you might know that hiring an experienced FBA Reimbursement Service like FBA Refunds is the most efficient and the safest option.

What Makes Us Better Than Most Other Services Or Tools?

  • All In One Solution: You won’t have to outsource any work. Right from finding the reimbursement opportunities to getting back the money, we will handle it all.
  • Trustworthy: We have handled accounts of more than 500 Amazon sellers, so we can assure you that your data and account credentials are safe with us.
  • Risk-free: No up-front costs. We get money only when you get reimbursement. You don’t pay a penny until you are reimbursed the right amount by Amazon.
  • Safe: Amazon does NOT like automated claims. That is why we handle the whole process personally and manually while following the right protocol.

Claim Back What’s Yours

FBA refunds are just as exciting as Christmas presents, in fact, a little more. But as mentioned above, it’s a hassle. Not only it can eat up a lot of your valuable time, but if not done correctly, you can end up in a rather difficult situation, which is the last thing you want right now. Claim your money back the right way, the safer way with FBA Refunds. We call ourselves “FBA Reimbursement Experts” because we work hard and tirelessly to get the reimbursement sellers deserve (and need). Hiring an Amazon FBA Reimbursement Service is like finding a ray of sunshine in the stormy times. And the best part is that you pay only if you get any reimbursement, which literally means that you have got absolutely nothing to lose. There is no reason not to give us a try.

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