FBA Seller Reimbursement: Get Your Money Back

FBA Seller Reimbursement

Are you a novice FBA seller? Well, you must have at least heard the term Amazon seller reimbursements. Yes, not only customers but FBA sellers can get refunds from Amazon too.  Watch out for reconciliation gaps in your FBA inventory reports. If you find any, Amazon is liable to compensate for your loss under the FBA Reimbursement policy. Find eligible discrepancies to file a valid claim to Amazon and get your money back.

Common mistakes that could fetch you an Amazon seller reimbursement

Amazon seller reimbursement

  • Inventory is lost or damaged in the warehouse
  • Overcharged or miscalculated FBA fee
  • Damaged or lost inbound shipment
  • Missing stocks
  • Customer return issues
  • Error in order quantities

FBA sellers must make it a priority to audit and cross-check Amazon reports and logs regularly. You need to maximize your Amazon seller reimbursement, or it may just end up a lousy deal. See what Amazon owes and claim to receive the maximum amount possible. You can file a claim on your own or depend on automated claims. Both the processes involve the risks of inaccurate claims, partial reimbursement and are time-consuming.

An Amazon consulting agency can help you get your money back

FBA is not perfect, and mistakes may happen time and again. Make sure that you are not the one bearing the cost of the mistakes. With the help of an Amazon consulting agency, get maximum FBA reimbursements.

Here’s why it is beneficial to avail Amazon consultants:

  • Save yourself from the cumbersome process of going through inventory reports and sales logs.
  • File accurate and valid claims
  • Ensures maximum FBA refunds
  • Auditing and inventory reconciliation
  • Regular follow-ups of the claim process

Hiring a good Amazon consulting agency is a cost-effective option to receive maximum reimbursement and add value to your business.

Claim What’s Yours with FBA Refunds

With FBA Refunds, get comprehensive auditing for your Amazon reports. We identify all reconciliation gaps to file a valid claim to Amazon. We guarantee you maximized refunds with manual report scanning and accurate claims. Avail of our transparent and efficient services at a commission rate of just 12%.

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