FBA Returns: Amazon Mistakes That You Can Mint Money From

FBA Amazon reimbursement

Logistical errors by Amazon are secret pockets where your money slips into. Here is your time to encash these mistakes as an FBA seller on Amazon! Through Amazon reimbursement, you can keep a track of your FBA housed inventory and claim a refund for any reconciliation gaps.

Here are some common mistakes by Amazon that you can claim for FBA returns:

Amazon reimbursement

  1. Overcharged fees: Sometimes, FBA miscalculates your shipping fee when it charges you for incorrect product measurements and dimensions. FBA may also wrongly charge a different category’s commission for your product.  This leads to erroneous and unfeasibly high FBA fees. You can audit and check if there is any overcharged fee and claim the extra bucks.
  2. Items lost or damaged at the Amazon warehouse: Amazon works with a high volume of products so the process is rapid. Fast workers are prone to accidents and may cause damage to your items. Regularly check your inventory reports to scan for any such damaged goods.
  3. Problems with the inbound shipment: FBA manages your inventory from shipment to storage and packaging. During any of these stages, there is a chance that your products may get lost or damaged. FBA is liable to pay the average sales cost of each damaged item. Keep a track of your stock to check for any unknown deductions.
  4. Customer return issues:  
  5. A customer may receive a refund higher than the actual price paid.
  6. A customer receives a replacement without returning the first item.
  7. A returned item may reach the warehouse in an unsellable form.
  8. A customer returns the item but it does not reach back to the warehouse.

In all the above cases, FBA is liable to compensate for your loss.

  • Error in order quantity: While processing your orders amidst the high volume of items, FBA may make errors in the order quantities. A customer may receive two instead of one item ordered. You can track these minute and generally unnoticed mistakes by scanning your inventory and order details.

FBA Refunds

With FBA returns, you can leave it up to us to audit and regularly scan your Amazon reports for any discrepancies. Our experts analyze your inventory reports and sales log to detect all reconciliation gaps and leakages. We prepare substantial and valid claims to get you the highest possible FBA returns at a commission rate as low as 12%. For Amazon reimbursement, hire FBA Refunds and claim what’s yours!

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