Dos and Don’ts for an FBA Inventory Reimbursement Claim

FBA Reimbursement

As an FBA seller, FBA Inventory Reimbursement might not be a new term to you. Sellers who opt for FBArelinquish their shipping, storage, and packaging duties to Amazon. Being the massive scale operation that it is, Amazon fulfillment is infamous for logistical errors. During loading or moving, the chances are that some units get misplaced, damaged, or lost.  Well, you do not get reimbursements for every other mishappening in the Amazon fulfillment centers. Let’s quickly go through the circumstances under which Amazon is liable to pay you.

FBA Inventory Reimbursement policy covers the following:

  • Items misplaced within FBA inventory
  • Items lost or damaged during shipping
  • Items damaged while in the custody of the FBA center
  • Items damaged by customers and returned
  • Items not returned by the customer despite a refund
  • Items lost or damaged by shippers or distributors under Amazon

The FBA reimbursement policy also has certain limitations, like the products should not be prohibited or expired goods. All the above cases are applicable only if your items abide by the inventory requirements of FBA.

FBA Inventory Reimbursement

Dos and Don’ts while filing a claim

Scan through inventory reports, order details, and sales logs for any discrepancies so that you can rightfully claim your money back. Here are some points to be kept in mind while filing an FBA inventory reimbursement:

  • Be clear and to the point while writing the email for the claim. Make precise, informative points to convey effectively.
  • Create and save claim templates for future reference and use
  • Write polite and professional emails
  • Regularly follow up with the claim process
  • Prepare substantial claims backed by a relevant amount of data
  • Avoid using automated tools for reimbursement claims

Leave it up to Amazon Consulting services

Ugh! Sounds like too much work and many rules, doesn’t it? With the help of an Amazon consulting agency, make the claim process butter smooth. Leave it up to Amazon experts to scan for reconciliation gaps through all Amazon reports.  With Amazon consulting to your aid, file valid claims that guarantee high returns.

FBA Refunds: Claims and returns made easy

We are here to help you get your money back! With our comprehensive auditing and meticulous cross-checking of reports, no reconciliation gaps can escape our sight. We guarantee to get you maximum refunds through valid claims and excellent manual monitoring of the claim process.

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