Amazon Storefront: The Utmost Platform For The Sellers

A short guide to Amazon storefront, EBC, and A+ content

To every small and medium business, Amazon storefront gives a way to sell merchandise straight through Amazon. It is a separate area where it emphasizes small businesses, displays curated compilations of spectacular items, and offers a platform for an online small business experience. Rather than steering tons of online vendors, Amazon needs consumers to communicate with small businesses and have a close and friendly experience via the digital platform.

Just a few businesses at the moment have incorporated Amazon storefront. As per Amazon, the company would be including novel categories and developing storefronts after a while.

How Can You Sign Up for Storefronts?

Any small business holder can sign up for additional info about Amazon storefronts. Amazon has a review procedure for deciding what businesses are added in storefronts on the basis of the categories it has on hand. On the information sign-up page, you can see that as storefronts develop into novel categories, more small businesses would be included. You cannot simply sign up for storefronts. Rather than, you will need to work closely with Amazon to determine your business’s type and how you could sign up for storefronts.

For beginning this procedure, you must go to the information sign-up page. On this page, you will be asked to give your email address, main product line, Amazon display name, what brands you possess, etc.

From this phase, Amazon would reach you, and you can build your own storefront if there is an availability, and you are considered a suitable one by Amazon. It is not precise at this moment if it costs money to connect with Amazon storefronts or if your position as an Amazon seller would change consequently.

Doing Business on Amazon

If you do not meet the requirements for storefronts, you do not want to be a part of the storefronts business. You can, nevertheless, sell fruitfully on the Amazon platform. You need to know how selling on Amazon functions and how you can be successful by doing business on Amazon.

There are two essential programs for the sellers on Amazon, which are professional and individual. It is significant to know both programs and pick the one which suits best to your business. These programs demand financial investment; hence, do ample research before choosing how you need to sell the products on Amazon.

How Do

the Best Amazon Storefronts Seem Like?


amazon storefront

Creating the best Amazon storefronts starts by previewing and picking one of the readily available or plain templates. After the template loads, it’s time to personalize it by dragging, dropping, and organizing various content titles to fill all the store’s pages with these elements.

  • Videos: These are the most outstanding elements for promoting your goods or brand. They should be at least 1280 X 640 pixels and less than 100 MB, and they should not have any references or links to external sites.
  • Text: One can include fractions of text in the storefront for describing the brand narrative, describe features of the product, or give a call to action. Also, the right, left, or central alignment is possible.
  • Images: One can include the images or illustrations of the product by themselves or with a text overlay to highlight meaning. The minimum size of the images should be 1500 X 1500 pixels.

What Is Exactly Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon EBC or Amazon A+ content is a feature that lets business holders or sellers improve the product description of branded ASINs with rich media content. On the whole, with this unique feature, the sellers can transform their dull and unexciting text descriptions into tempting and alluring content.

With Amazon enhanced brand content, you can tell your brand narrative and product comparisons. If done correctly, then Amazon EBC could bring about high conversion rates, more traffic, and more sales in your product description.

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How Much Will The Amazon A + Content Will Cost?

amazon enhanced brand content

The good news is that Amazon A + content is absolutely free of charge. Here you don’t have to pay a single penny for improving your consumers’ buying experience. Many sellers or vendors expect Amazon to ultimately begin charging for the provision; however, there is no authorized proclamation from the company.

About Premium A + content

Amazon premium A + content is actually the paid version of Amazon EBC. Sellers commonly acknowledge as A ++ content. However, you cannot sign up to employ premium A+ content. Only big sellers and enormous brands can make A+ content. It is pretty costly as well. The accurate price of premium A + content varies from seller to seller and relies on how you discuss with Amazon.

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Amazon EBC Policy

As it seems simple to gain your A + content successfully, there are some rules and regulations that sellers must obey. If they violate any of these rules, Amazon will not provide them with the authorization to start their rich media content. Below are a few of these rules that the sellers must follow:

  1. There should be no usage of trademark, copyright, or registered symbols in the content.
  2. They should not mention unproven statements like no.1 selling product. All the unconfirmed statements and health products which are not certified by FDA should contain a disclaimer.
  3. Every lifestyle picture should depict the product in usage.
  4. Website links that are redirecting to other pages can’t be added. Amazon has banned contact info and references to off-Amazon customer service. It signifies that the sellers cannot include a phrase like “contact us.”
  5. Use of explicit or adult content is not allowed.
  6. The seller can’t mention the item in any illegal activity.
  7. They should also avoid using unclear or low-quality pictures having watermarks or blurry texts. The font size should be at least 16, and it should be readable against the background used.

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